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A website doesn’t not only provide information about the products and services you offer or an overview of your business, it also serves as a platform to increase your business reach and gain more clients. Through the power of the internet, you can utilize your website for a more cost-effective marketing which yields more ROI (return on investment), compared to traditional media of marketing.

Your website also serves as a channel through which you connect with your customers and address any issues they might have. That makes it easier for both parties (you and the clients) because no one has to go any extra lengths to get in touch with one another.

Having a website makes it easier to manage the reputation of your business on the internet and also get to understand how clients perceive your products and services.

Other reasons why your business needs a website include:

  • It helps your customers find you.

                “71% of customers start their research with generic internet search” Experian, 2018

  • It provides a medium to reach more people.

                “B2B companies that blogged 11x per month had almost 3x more traffic than those that don’t blog or have a website.” Experian, 2018

  • It helps you build a stronger brand for your business. The stronger the brand, the more likely your business will succeed.
  • It increases the credibility of your business.

                “81% of shoppers conduct online research before making big purchases.”

  • It makes your business accessible 24/7. With a website, customers can have access to your business even when you sleep.
  • Easier to showcase products and services- pictures, videos, PDFs, etc.

                “Videos and image galleries have shown to be effective and engaging in advertising products and services.”

  • Enables you to target global market. With a website, you can extend the reach of your business from local to international markets.
  • Reputation management- even if your business isn’t online, people will still talk about it on the Internet. It’s better for both parties if you have an online presence so they can talk to you and you can address any issues they might have.


How Not Having a Website Can Affect Your Business

  • Not having a website will make people think that you are out of business.
  • You will lose potential clients. Most people hang out on the Internet, your customers are there on the Internet, they can’t find you if you don’t have a website.
  • People will not be able to find sufficient information about your business.

                “6 out of 10 customers read online reviews before making a final purchase decision.”  Fit Small Business, 2018

  • Other people will wrongfully claim your business on the Internet and commit fraud with it, which will affect your business brand negatively.
  • You won’t be able to get reviews for your business, which helps in taking measures to better serve your clients.

                “90% of consumers say that an online review is more important than input from a sales professional” PSB, 2018

  • It shows lack of confidence in your brand. If you’re not willing to invest and market your brand, it shows that you are not ready for business.
  • You will have less exposure for your brand if you don’t have a website. Your website is the image of your business on the internet.
  • Without a digital presence for your business, you won’t be able to manage the reputation of your business and control the image of your brand.
  • You miss out of engaging with target audience and won’t get to cost-effectively advertise new launch or big sale to your clients.

Web design by Start-upGeek

At Start-upGeek, we are passionate about creating a world class website for you. Not only do we build an excellent, user-friendly and interactive website for you, we also manage your website for you and ensure that it is always up 99.9% of the time. To get a website designed for your business, fill out the form below for a free quotation.

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