How to Get Rid of Stress and Ease your Mind in 15 Minutes - How to Get Rid of Stress and Ease your Mind in 15 Minutes

How to Get Rid of Stress and Ease your Mind in 15 Minutes

Do you ever get the feeling of being weighed down? Like your body feels heavy and a burden has been placed on you. You feel so tied down, like you are being restrained to a boulder and have to drag yourself wherever you go all day long? Your head gets all clouded and foggy that you just want to fall on your bed and sleep all day? You feel so tired and heavy hearted despite the fact that you may not have done anything at all?

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When it gets frequent and periodic, you get depressed and all. Do you ever get such feeling? I get such feeling sometimes from time to time. Sometimes it may root from hard work and getting very little rest and sleep. Other times, it may arise from over thinking and anxiety. This can be taken care of naturally without the use of drugs and similar substances with annoying side effects and all the ill feelings.

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The method I am about to teach you is very simple and can be achieved in about fifteen to thirty minutes of implementation. It is fast, has no side effects and very easy. However, the success rate of this exercise depends on your ability to focus and channel into your inner self. Eventually, you will master this art overtime with a daily dose of practice.

Meditation is a devotional exercise leading to contemplation.

There are various schools of thought with regards to meditation, channeling your inner self, chakra and other related terms of meditation. But let’s just focus on this exercise. You can find more information about meditation later if you are interested from here. Let’s find out how to get rid of all the burden and feel light weight through meditation.

For the success of this exercise, you need to isolate yourself from all sources of distraction. Go to an environment that is quiet, calm, comfortable and with good ventilation. Let’s say maybe your bed room, or garden or even your living room if you can have it to yourself for the exercise. The point is, just get a place without distractions but with good ventilation. Distraction interferes with concentration and channeling processes of meditation.

Wear something comfortable. Don’t wear something very tight, as such materials can impair proper breathing pattern. You aren’t some sort of Sultan I presume, so don’t wear multiple garments that will make you look fat and uncomfortable please (No offense to Sultans, I really like those guys lol). You could do some stretching exercise to find out whether you are comfortable in your clothes or not.

Next, you go to the place you have picked for you meditation and sit cross-legged. Meditation is mostly done in this position. Once you are seated cross-legged, place your hands on your thighs at the tip region where your knees are flexed. Connected your thumbs with your index fingers (around the tip ends) and straighten your back.

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Now, close your eyes and take a deep breath. Take multiple breaths moderate between being shallow and deep, slowly and periodically. Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale. Continue this exercise until your breathing pattern is regulated to about 16-20 cycles per minute. FYI, an inhalation and an exhalation count for one cycle. Inhale the goodness and exhale the badness. Visualize your breathing action performing this cleansing task.

Channel into your inner self by intended focus (focus on connecting yourself actively). Immerse yourself into your inner world while making your outer environment oblivious. Think of happy memories, think of things that make you happy, continue breathing gently.

You can make your meditation religious by chanting some sacred words from your religion. Don’t say a lot of different things, as they may affect your breathing pattern and also make you lose focus. One to three words should be enough. This actually helps. Note that, some words that are bi-syllabic or tri-syllabic can also affect your breathing pattern. They can even make you run out of breath. Avoid such words. Most preferable, use one word or none at all. Don’t worry about your problems, concentrate.

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Continue this exercise for about fifteen to thirty minutes. You should feel better afterwards if you really followed my instructions. However, due to individual differences, it make take some time for some people to get it.

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