“We must use time wisely and forever realize that the time is always ripe to do right.” – Nelson Mandela

Your online start-up business requires your undivided attention, especially in its infant stage. However, most business owners don’t take that seriously, simply because they haven’t started seeing results. It is a crucial stage that you must make sacrifices to make your business grow.

In this post, I am going to show you ‘5 Ways to Increase Business Productivity by Modifying your Behaviour’. You need to take your business more seriously to make it succeed or increase productivity for more results. The steps you should consider taking are:

1. Set small achievable goals everyday

To get yourself conversant with working everyday towards growing your business, you should set small goals for yourself. These goal can be simple tasks like creating a blog post, updating contents on your social media, or scheduling tweets, etc.

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When you do tasks like these, your brain is rewired to be used to the tasks so much that it doesn’t find it tasking or too lazy to do. From there, you keep building from such small tasks to bigger tasks.

The first few weeks will be the hardest of course, but after you work through them, you’ll get used to it and you will observe that you’re more creative than you have been before, and your business starts to growing faster.

2. Use time management plans

Time management is very important to successful run your business everyday. When, I started one of my blogs, Talkwithomer, it was really difficult for me to focus on writing posts for it because I was in college and I was so lazy. So,  in 6 months, I could only create less than 10 posts. In order to be able to create more posts, I had to create a time schedule for everything.

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Even these days, I use a sectographic time management application that helps me manage my time better so I can pay a considerable amount of time to my blog, social media, branding and other aspects of my business.

3. Learn new things everyday

I always tell people that Internet marketing requires them to keep learning everyday. Internet marketing is dynamic and keeps changing everyday.

blogging 336376 19201434831773 - 5 Ways to Increase Business Productivity by Modifying your BehaviourThere are a lot of techniques of Internet marketing that no one can tell you that he/she knows all.

Whenever I hop on YouTube, I learn new different techniques everyday. Some of the techniques make me go like, ‘why didn’t I think of that?’ Keep learning, keep exploring.

4. Observe competitors

Don’t be arrogant like some people are. There is no shame in learning from your competitors. Learning from them will provide you with insights, information and ideas on how to grow your business better to get more profits.

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A lot of established companies got to where they are today by observing their competitors, and working on being better. They strive to be excellent.

A  good way to spend an hour a day is by looking at what your competitors are doing and thinking of ways to do better by mapping out strategic plans to implement.

5. Be active on social media

Social media is a good place to promote your business brand. Social media isn’t as fun as it used to be now that a lot of businesses use them. They’re are a lot of automated updates. (I use automated updates to BTW)

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While using automated updates makes things easier, it is very important to be active, to interact with your audience, to be actually there and appreciate them.

That helps to recognize and create awareness for your brand. People don’t like talking to bots.
If you are really looking to improve your business productivity, you should consider taking the steps mentioned above. Of course, it isn’t going to be easy at first, but if you do is, you will definitely start seeing results. Don’t give up, keep at it and you’ll be more successful.

I hope you liked the post!

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